This is the Credits screen in all of it's glory.

Five Nights to Remember has a multitude of people which helped the development of the game. To access the "Credits screen" in the game, go to the main menu and click "Credits".

Programming Edit

The main developer is Samboogle, otherwise known as SubWooferX3. He modeled and programmed the game himself using Blender and Clickteam Fusion.

Buttons/text Edit

Buckybomb made the buttons and text which is used in game.

Sounds Edit

Sounds are from, but some of the sounds are recorded

Phone Calls Edit

KeeblerPie wrote the phone calls, and thus created most of the games story with it.

However, KeithristVoodoo voiced the phone calls.

Additional Voices Edit

Purity Sin - Chica

Thunderclanhero - Foxy

SubWooferX3 - Bonnie

KeithristVoodoo - Freddy

Additional Support Edit

  • GerardLuis
  • IGrabApples
  • 300Lb White Boy
  • Anart1996 (developer of Five Nights at Treasure Island)
  • PuritySin
  • C4Guy32
  • Patz
  • Zillagames

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