"And in the off chance the Plushtrap wanders into your room, Keep the monitor up so he doesn't notice you." - Phone Guy

Plushtrap is a plush doll and antagonist in One Night To Remember.

Appearance Edit

Plushtrap is a small plushy version of SpringBonnie. He has a similar design to SpringBonnie, albeit with some minor differences.

Plushtrap has a noticeably large head, with small beady eyes, sharp teeth, and small ears. His body is not much different from SpringBonnie, with the exception of appearing duller and darker.

Behavior Edit

Two Plushtraps are located in camera 4, the Prize Counter. Plushtrap will only move If you have the Monitor down for a while. If the camera is down for too long, Plushtrap will jumpscare the player, resulting in a Game Over. You can see Plushtrap running past the doorway, along with swift, yet quiet footsteps, warning the player of Plushtrap's presence.

To avoid death, simply raise the monitor. If you see Plushtrap running past, you must keep the monitor up for a few seconds to avoid death.

Trivia Edit

  • There are two Plushtraps in CAM 4. One is a normal yellow colour, while the other is pitch-black. Other than color, the Black Plushtrap looks exactly the same.
    • It has no effect on gameplay, as only the yellow Plushtrap attacks the player.
    • The Black Plushtrap may be a reference to Shadow Bonnie.
  • Plushtrap has a set of sharp pointed teeth for both his mouth and endoskeleton jaws.

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